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Daniel Cormier Challenges Jake Paul To MMA Fight: "I'm Going To Torture Him. I'm Going To Hurt Him. I'm Going To Rip His Face Apart."

I don't even know what's what, what's real, what's not, and which way is up and down with this anymore. I mean - I love me some Daniel Cormier, but what are we even talking about here? We all know Jake Paul ain't accepting no MMA bout with him! Never in a billion years!

Maybe this is just a play to prove that he's the tougher guy, when Jake doesn't accept? As if he needed to prove that to anyone? I dunno; it would certainly explain DC being quick to make the 205lbs offer, tho - we all know he doesn't actually wanna make that cut again!

Just seems like more publicity for Jake, which he's obviously phenomenal at earning himself….

Does any part of DC think he'll really accept that offer tho? Does he think he could get some kinda quick $5mil Triller payday here? I don't know. I do know that we've officially left Earth and touched down on the surface of the planet Bananaland when Daniel Cormier and Jake Paul - THIS JAKE PAUL….

….is quite literally the center of the mixed martial arts universe, with everyone wrapped around his finger. Fucking crazy.