A MASSIVE Brawl Broke Out In The Miami Airport Over Remaining Seats Left On A Flight

Absolute CHAOS at the gate in Miami INTL. A good ole fashioned donnybrook. A line brawl. I counted at least 4 separate brawls with the clear winner being the dude in the red. Florida is just ahead of the game on returning to normalcy. I was at a wedding in California this past weekend it was still very much locked down. The priest required the bride and groom to wear a mask during much of the ceremony. I promise you that would not have been the case in Florida. No masks, no authority figure anywhere. Just people willing to fight to the death for the final remaining middle seats on a full flight. 

The airport is a stressful place. And endless run of lines, waiting, invasive procedures, and bad food options. There's literally not one single comfortable chair to sit in while you wait for the privilege of being crammed into a flying tin tube. Anything could trigger you. The last thing you want to do is spend one more second in the airport than you have to. So when you've got a finite amount of resources people are naturally going to revert to their basic instincts which is to fucking maul anyone that stands between you and getting the fuck out of town. On that level, I get it. 

The only thing worse that spending time at the gate is probably spending time in jail. I say probably because I've never been to jail. These people didn't think it through. Option A) get into an all out brawl that ends in arrests and nobody getting on the flight OR...option B) taking the $400 flight credit to move yourself to a later flight and ya know...not getting punched in the face or getting arrested. Call me crazy, but I would take option B every time. Give me a shitty sausage egg mcmuffin from the terminal McDonalds and maybe a couple of termies at the bar and I'll pass on assault and battery.  That's just me though. I wasn't there. I don't know the situation. 

PS: This is why Portnoy flies private, probably

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