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Anthony Hopkins Has Woken Up And Found Out He Won The Oscar For Best Actor Last Night

Hopkins is in a TOUGH spot for any actor and it is not his fault whatsoever. He delivered a fantastic performance in 'The Father' that was one of his career best AND one that was more than worthy of the award. However, the Academy and the way the show was formatted absolutely fucked him. 

ICYMI and you didn't read the above blog, the Oscars traditionally is formatted where they give the award for best actress, then actor, then picture as a big finale. This year, they switched to best picture, then actress, then actor. In the moment me and many others watching assumed that this was because the academy wanted to end on Boseman winning the award as a tribute to him. Well, NOPE! It went to Hopkins, who was not even there, and then ended very awkwardly. On the pod, I liked it to THE Dwade alley-oop to LeBron, except instead of dunking it, LeBron stopped in mid air, landed, and gave it a grounded layup. The problem isn't that Hopkins won, it's the way the Academy set up the way in which he won.

The great thing is, though, that none of that matters at all because Hopkins is a crazy, delightful, and weird old man that doesn't give a rat fuck about this sorta stuff. He was asleep in Wales and could not give a shit about this award which I'm sure he likens to winning Employee of the Month at Jamba Juice. 

That damn loveable Welshman is A OK in my book. It was nice of him to bookend his acceptance with a little tribute to Boseman as well. Good on you, Sir (Literally, he's a knight).