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I'm A Simple Man. Matthew McConaughey Tells Me To Go Back To The Movies, I Do It

There are few people out in the world with as much gravitas and charm as Matty McC. He's the type of guy that could sell salt to a slug, so he could convince me to jump off a cliff, eat shit, or fight shizzat the rizzat in front of dozens of west Virginians. This video was reminiscent of the extremely organic and normal video Tom Cruise posted ahead of Tenet. 

But because it's McConaughey, it is so much better. Personally, I'm just getting around to going back to the theaters here in the city, and they do a great job at keeping shit clean cause they know people were already skeeved out with the hygiene even before Covid. Honestly, it may have even started on a theater floor. But not I've made a vow to go to a movie once a week for the rest of the year. WITNESS ME!