Fresh Off His No-No, Madison Bumgarner Sarcastically Thanking Rob Manfred For 7 Inning Games Was Fantastic

Madison Bumgarner has never been a man of many words or tomfoolery for that matter. He handles his business on the bump, picturing each hitter as his sworn enemy, and then goes home to rattle some snakes whiling tending to the farm. He comes off to me as a man who does not like change in the slightest. I can't even imagine what his face looks like when his phone auto-updates in the middle of the night. The simple mention of the opener being used nearly sent him into a killing spree. 

One recent change to the game of baseball that I imagine irks him every time he encounters it is the 7 inning doubleheader. Well now he's thrown himself a no-no via the 7 inning rule, as Big T covered here. No one knows what to make of it. The celebration was awkward, weird, and even drew a very rare smile from Madbum himself. 

We're all just living in Rob Manfred's fucked up version of Major League Baseball. Despite the pandemic slowing down, we're still doing 7 inning doubleheaders and the dumb runner on 2nd extra inning rule. Why? Because there is a clown who never played the game calling the shots. 

So who does Madbum have to thank for this no-hitter that kinda doesn't count but kinda does? The shadows messing with hitters and Rob Manfred shortening games like a moron to make this all happen. Who knew Bumgarner had this kind of dry humor in his bag? This fucking guy has been fooling us for years! 

Prior to this game, Madbum had taken several perfect games and no hitters deep to no avail in his career. So close yet with nothing to show for it, aside from being a surefire Hall of Fame career of course. The question moving forward will be whether we count this as no-no. Logic would tell you if we're counting 7 inning complete games then we should count no-hitters. My answer? Likely the same as Bumgarner's. Abolish the 7 inning double header. We don't need it or want it anymore. Same with Manfred as commissioner. 

P.S. Can't wait for Manfred to fine Bumgarner for this even though he technically thanked him.