Trevor Bauer Gave An A+ Take On Player Celebrations In Baseball - Fernando Tatis Jr. Proceeded To Take His Soul in a Hilarious Twitter Exchange

Baseball has never really experienced a guy like Trevor Bauer before, but they need him more than ever right now. No one has ever been so invested in the social media/growing the game aspect while also being as big of a star like he is. People love to hate this dude, and I can definitely fall into that category at times, but I can always appreciate a guy who can take it as well as he can dish it. If everyone had his mentality about celebrations the sport would flourish to a whole new level. You strike a guy out on a filthy pitch? Have fun out there. You give up a bomb? Don't get soft and offended over a little celebrating around the bases. 

You've seen what happened last night with Fernando Tatis Jr. taking Bauer deep twice. On the first blast he whipped out the one-eyed celly and on the second brought out a mini-McGregor strut as he crossed home plate. Did that bother Bauer in the slightest? Of course not, he embraces that shit. It's his job as a pitcher to prevent that from happening by striking out the hitter. If he succeeds he's gonna do a little something himself whether that be screaming or his patented sword celly that gives homage to Pitching Ninja on Twitter. 

If you beat him you are well in your right to express yourself. That sorta fun is what's been missing in this sport for a long time now and it's what helps grow the game. There are definitely some pitchers out there who would've gotten upset at FTJ's one eyed turn around to the dugout celebration. 

Those guys are lame as fuck. Tatis Jr. went viral last night for those two moments and it was awesome to see. Bauer appreciates it as you can hear in the clip from his postgame interview above. 

His reward for having such a good stance on player celebrations? Death via Fernando Tatis Jr. on  

My goodness

Actually funny stuff. I wonder if FTJ actually made that photoshop. I wanna believe he did, so that's what I'm sticking to. Either way, the winner out of all this? Baseball. This shit is so good for the game. More of this and less of Yadier Molina getting butthurt because Nick Castellanos flexed at home plate.

P.S. All of this aside, if FTJ is actually peaking behind to see a catcher's signs or where he's set up he will surely be getting a fastball in the ribs soon. You just can't be doing that.