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PARTY ON STATE STREET! Kentucky Wins Its First Ever Volleyball National Title And Students Won't Stop Partying

We're going to State Street! That's right folks. Kentucky just dominates, not surprising that they were the first SEC team to ever win a volleyball title. You think Texas winning the first set mattered? Nope. 3-1, easy breezy national title. Brian Skinner's daughters beat Jermaine O'Neal's daughter who plays for Texas. Alli Stumler had roughly 100000 kills. That's right, I know what a kill is, also because I was watching this last night. 

National Coach of the Year, National Player of the Year, national championship. No big deal. But what do we do when we win? You go to Euclid and Woodland. You go to State Street. You flood Maxwell and Rose. There's nothing like a State Street party after a big win. My man wearing the Giants sweatshirt at Kentucky hits a little close to home. 

But this is about the normalcy of hearing Grove Street Party and seeing State Street flooded. This is about hopping around with your friends and drunkenly joining in the celebration with randoms. This is about the blue and white. Not sure how this guy became the leader of the celebration, must be a big time volleyball fan, but I appreciate it. Every title celebration needs a leader, this man became that hero. 

So congrats to Coach Skinner and Kentucky on the first ever women's volleyball national title. Well deserved. Hope everyone in Lexington is enjoying the hangover today, because there's nothing like a title hangover.