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Fernando Tatis Jr. Continues To Pulverize Cy Young Award Winning Pitchers, Can't Stop Hitting Home Runs And Pimping The Hell Out Of Them

Fernando Tatis Jr. Is BACK and continues to be the coolest ballplayer in the world. 2 bombs Friday night off of Clayton Kershaw and then last night he had 2 more off Trevor Bauer. Not only is he hitting them, he's pimping the hell out of them. In his first homer he rounded first and covered one eye as an nod to what Bauer was doing in Spring Training by pitching with one eye closed. But Fernando wasn't done, later he went yard AGAIN and this time when he crossed home he did the Connor McGregor strut, a celebration that Trevor has been known to do after a big K. Tatis Jr. is playing well as of recently and is having a ton of fun out there. Bauer can't even be mad at this, Tatis Jr's best is better than Bauer's best. He just flat out got beat. 

I'm sure there are a handful of old Hall Of Fame Writers who will be super pissed about Tatis Jr's antics when they read about it in the paper on Tuesday, but I love it. It's what makes baseball fun. Hitting a home run is hard, so you should be able to celebrate when you do it. Same with Bauer strutting and pounding his chest after he Ks a guy, let the kids play, right? Gotta love the creativity of the celebrations too, you can tell he thought these out, this wasn't a spur of the moment thing. This is why we need Tatis Jr. healthy, he's insane when he's healthy and on. 4 homers in 24 hours off 2 of the best pitchers on the planet. I love Tatis Jr. I love this rivalry, I love the pimp jobs. Need more of them. Sign me up for like 140 more of these Dodgers - Padres games, they've all been excellent and have playoff vibes around them. 

PS. Dallas may be onto something here, is Tatis Jr. getting a peek a little early at the signs and where the catchers setting up? Hmmmm