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The Crowd Is Chanting "FUCK JAKE PAUL" At UFC 261

GOD DAMMIT it's good to have fans back, isn't it?! That is a beautiful, beautiful chant.

Although I suppose this is exactly what Jake wants, isn't it? Are we just sheep playing into that mothafucka's hand?

Daniel Cormier was able to use that moment as an opportunity to quickly respond to that super cringeworthy interview where Jake called him out last week, which was hilarious….

….and at the end of that fight, we saw what might've been the first ever one armed rear naked choke in UFC history!

Main card starts now! Let's go! Great +1000 boost on the Sportsbook! Let's make some money!

UPDATE: Alright, so I guess Jake Paul is THERE tonight, and DC just went over to him to possibly threaten him?! I love it baby!