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This Guy/Possible Witch Did The Impossible At A Poker Table, My Brain Just Exploded


Ok before you watch the video, let me type some words. First, I did not know how to properly title this blog because I didn't want to give away what happened, that's why the title is the way it is. Second, this happened live on stream at the Lone Star Poker Series, happening right now in Texas. Yes, live poker is back. Yes, I want to be there. Third…well maybe there is no third but most lists have a third so this is filling in that space.

Ok, now for the video:



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I don't know what I just watched. I don't know how in the world that just happened, so nonchalantly on stream. Mike Postle, is that you??? I know the deck and the dealer had nothing to do with it, but if I'm at that table I don't play another hand until everything is changed. I would be shook beyond belief. I'd be this guy



Calling out the flop, the turn down to the suit, and then the river? Nope, get me the fuck outta there. That's some voodoo shit that I don't fuck with. Gotta treat him like the witches of the old days and toss him into a river and see if he floats. Until then, I'll be at the blackjack table.