On May 8th Elon Musk Is Hosting What Is Sure To Be One Of The Most Watched SNL's Of All Time

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Well this is certainly going to move the needle. Elon Musk, the billionaire businessman, is hosting Saturday Night Live, the sketch comedy show. I'd say the initial reaction on Twitter is a lot "why?". Well, I think the answer is easy- because people pay attention to Elon Musk. He moves the needle. He speaks (or tweets) and people react. 

SNL has always been a cultural show. It's always dove into pop culture, politics, and world events. Always. So it makes sense for Elon Musk, he of 51.9 million followers on Twitter, to appear on a show that has always tried to remain as culturally-relevant as possible. With mixed results, athletes and politicians who have crossed over to the mainstream have always hosted SNL. And now we have entered the age of the celebrity businessman, so this makes sense. 

Will it be good? I…doubt it? I don't know. Can Elon act? Does he have comedic timing? Does he care enough to stay on script, or will he completely butcher everything? And most importantly, should we buy more DOGE right now? 

I think people will make a big stink about this (no way! people being annoying about something as irrelevant as who hosts a tv show?!) but it's truly not a big deal. It's a nice little ratings grab, but we also get Miley, so it's a wash. Love or hate Elon, he is a huge name and that's what SNL cares about. Or maybe he fucking crushes it and we all say hey, nice job, and move on with our lives. I guess we'll find out on May 8.



PS: Is it a lock Dave one day hosts? Maybe not a mortal lock..but definitely, definitely possible.