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Jazz Chisholm And His Euro-Step At Home Plate Have Been Awesome To Watch This Season

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't started to pay attention to Jazz Chisholm yet than you better start. First off his name is A+ and a top baseball name out there. He had a great card last year in MLB The Show 20 which is how I found out about him, but this year he's making people learn his name because of his play on the field. He's been by far the best player in Miami and it's not even close. After last night's game he is batting .315, 4 bombs, 17 hits, has an OBP of .415, slugging .630, and an OPS of 1.045. Not bad at all.

But the best part of his game? You could say the name, or the chains he rocks while playing, or the euro-step he does right before he steps on home plate after hitting a home run. Because he's playing in Miami he'll be ignored by the media and casual fans, but don't sleep on Jazz. He's a damn good player. You can't euro-step at home if you're a bum, I'll say that. I love the euro-step move after his homers because lets be real, we all do it in our house. If you haven't euro-stepped your significant other in the kitchen you aren't living. Finish it off with a layup on the door frame, a nice up and under maybe. The only difference is Jazz is doing it in a baseball game, we're doing it in a kitchen.

He rocked these GTA edition cleats this week too, the kid is feeling himself and that's dangerous for the rest of baseball. He's perfect for Miami too, it fits his personality well.

Even when he lines out he's great, he smoked this ball last night and got robbed by the pitcher and had to strike a pose and question how the pitcher made that catch. How can you not love Jazz?