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TOTAL DEGROMINATION: Jacob deGrom Struck Out 15 Nats In A Complete Game 2-Hit Shutout Win Where He Lowered His ERA To 0.31 And Knocked In The Game-Winning Run For Good Measure

I mean honestly, how do you even put greatness like that into words. You honestly can't. The numbers don't even tell the story either, no matter how preposterous they are. It's just something you know when you watch and admire it. Kinda like deciding what is porn. That's what watching Jacob deGrom is like. Baseball porn. The best pitcher in all of baseball since 2018 that has somehow gotten BETTER this season and is even upping his offense because his teammates refuse to help him out almost every single time.

Jacob deGrom is that one kid in Little League who seems like he is 2 years older than everyone else because he will throw a shutout while also driving in all the necessary runs himself. I don't want to hear anybody asking who the best pitcher is in New York, Major League Baseball, or the entire universe after tonight. Not for a guy that has won two of the last three Cy Youngs and has more RBI than Earned Runs Allowed. We are now going after the immortal names after Keith Hernandez said this about deGrom, which is the highest of high praises from Keith.

Starlin Castro and Andrew Stevenson now have a spot on my Hall of Fame ballot after they retire just for being able to get hits off of Jacob deGrom tonight as does Tomas Nido simply for catching that gem. And when it comes to this season's MVP, I don't think you can have anyone else higher on the list than a guy who is winning games by himself.

Clearly Jake's bat has been great, but his velocity is off the charts even for him. This is what he was doing BEFORE tonight's game

While the most impressive stat is this one that somehow still holds up all these years and hard luck losses/no decisions later.

If you want to know why I call deGrom the Angel of Death, look at his response to this question about snatching motherfuckers souls.

Giphy Images.

That is some real deal, ruthless vato shit that would even send a chill down Michael Jordan's back. We said it at the end of this week's We Gotta Believe and it has never rung truer than tonight. What we are witnessing is true greatness. Do NOT take this shit for granted because you may never see someone approach it again, let alone once every five days in a Mets uniform. True greatness in every sense of the word.