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Listening To Hornets Announcer Eric Collins Repeatedly Lose His Shit Is A Great Way To End Your Week

Last night Miles Bridges had another monster in game dunk. That's not news, he does this shit all the time it seems. Easily one of if not the best in game dunkers the league has at the moment. Aside from the actual plays being awesome to watch, one of the best parts of this surprising Hornets season has been the reaction of their color guy Eric Collins. He steals the show every single time. I don't know how anyone couldn't like hearing this man lose his goddamn mind. It's what makes watching the Hornets on League Pass so much fun.

So, since it's Friday afternoon, I figured what better time than now to relive some of the best Eric Collins calls of the year. You can feel the electricity

There's just something so pure and innocent about these calls. Legit losing his mind. That's exactly how I want my hometown announcer to react. You're not going to find anything else like it in the league. Can you imagine how he's going to react if the Hornets hold on to their playoff spot and we get some moments like these against a top seed? His head might explode live on air. 

Let's also talk about the Hornets here for a second. They for the most part were able to tread water despite all these brutal injuries to their best players. They got great news that LaMelo Ball is actually about a week away from returning which is huge. Sounds like Hayward should be good to go by the playoffs. The 7 seed might be out of reach when you see their immediate slate of BOS/MIL/BOS/DET/MIA, but this is a team that should still at the very least make the play in. 

Even if that's all they do, this season has still been a big time success based on what their expectations were heading into the year. Remember, this is one of the best clutch time teams in the entire league. Who saw that shit coming. Hayward, Rozier, LaMelo, Bridges, shit even Malik Monk all look great. I don't know what they can do in terms of competing with a top speed, but I do know they'll be fun as hell to watch.

I just want to live in a world where Eric Collins gets to call Hornets playoff games. Hands down the most electric TV guy in the game.