Happy Justin Jefferson Day When The Vikings Coaching Staff LAUGHED In Our Faces, Fellow Eagles Fans!

Oh gee! Oh my! How has it been a year already?! If you really want to feel no feelings, just check out a few of the replies to this Tweet I sent out on April 23rd, 2020. Fun fun fun for everyone! 

And there's also this from Bleeding Green Nation

Eagles News: Philadelphia personnel department member explains frustration with Howie Roseman

Roseman can’t please everyone. But recent results have been subpar, and to some Eagles scouts, the primary reason has been the GM’s indifference to the boards Weidl, and before him Douglas, put together with assistance from their staff after months of assessing and living with the prospects. “It would always frustrate the guys,” a member of the personnel department said recently, “because we’re sitting here in meetings, watching tape, grinding it out, talking about players, and [scouts] are out for months away from their families, and then Howie walks in with his top 50 no matter what our board says. “And that’s obviously what happened last year.” What happened last year has been well established through prior reporting by The Inquirer. Roseman drafted wide receiver Jalen Reagor and quarterback Jalen Hurts with the first two picks when, based upon Weidl’s board, receiver Justin Jefferson and safety Jeremy Chinn would have been the selections, according to Eagles sources.

Nothing like hiring a bunch of professionals at the highest level of their field getting cucked out by their bosses who thinks he knows everything! Awesome sauce! 

Oh well. We talked about this and more on this week's First Time, Long Time. Rone also had some Delco TAKES. We'll hang up and listen. 

PS - Hammer time in Coors. Responsibly. In Vinny Velasquez We Trust. Sure, why not.