The Entire Wrestling World Is Pulling For Swoggle Tonight


Dylan Postl aka Hornswoggle aka Swoggle is fighting in the main event of Rough N Rowdy tonight. He's a mad man for sure- he spent a decade in WWE taking some pretty serious bumps at times




and now his wrestling fam is returning the love, pulling for him in tonight's RnR main event.








Seems like everyone besides Seth Rollins has faith in Dylan tonight. I know I'm rooting for him. Dude has been through tables, and that's reason enough for me to think he can win tonight…even if his opponent is a miniature Brock Lesnar. That's no matter, this is mf'ing HORNSWOGGLE we're talking about here!


As for the rest of the fights, you know how it goes. No headgear, Dan, Dave, and Bob on the call, Rone and Caleb being Rone and Caleb, Nick and KB and Tank are doing the ring girl competition…it's going to be a SHOW.


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