It's Been 21 Years, But This White Sox vs. Tigers Brawl Is STILL One Of The Greatest Fight In MLB History

I feel like this is close to those "where were you" type of moments. I was a young, horny, (literally) fully grown 11 year old at the time that pumped 73MPH fastballs and scored every time he got the football. The latter doesn't have too much to do with where I was for this fight, but I was hanging out with my dad in his buddy's garage. They were drinking beer and bitching about their wives. 

That's neither hear nor there though. Watch the fight in its entirety and you'll notice that the Detroit Tigers are a bunch of cheap shot LOSERS. I counted at least a dozen sucker punches to the back of Sox players heads while they weren't looking. Nut up, assholes. It's called "squaring up" for a reason. You look the other man in his eye and you turn his face into a catcher's mitt. It's as simple as that. You don't throw a haymaker at the back of his dome.

It's uncouth.

But as good as this fight is, it's nowhere CLOSE to as good as the fights you'll see tonight for Rough n Rowdy. We got 20 fights (including a midget fight), a ring girl contest, NO HEADGEAR, and Shizzat the Rizzat coming back to defend his crown:

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Oh and we also have all of this shit, if watching Shizzat the Rizzat wasn't convincing enough for you:

What else do you have to do? We're in the middle of a deadly pandemic that turns everyone into flesh eating zombies with a mortality rate of like 99%, so stay inside, mask up, pound some Miller Lite, and buy Rough n Rowdy, you perverted cock suckers.