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The NFL Announces That Roger Goodell Has Been Vaccinated And Can Awkwardly Hug Players At The Draft Again

So I guess Roger Goodell looking comically out of place hugging and dapping up future NFL superstars is our latest example of nature healing. The cringe factor of last year's NFL Draft was way down as we watched one of the most unlikable people in the sports world hang out in his basement for three straight days. Luckily ESPN filled that void by telling us every personal tragedy to ever happen to each player that was drafted.

But now we have hugs back, which I guess is good for those of us looking for some normalcy. I was ready to list the players about to be drafted in the Losers category since we always have to have Winners and Losers list since its Draft SZN. However, this is the one year where you can avoid the Goodell Hug by just saying you aren't vaccinated. I'm not sure what the latest CDC guidelines are for vaccinated people since they seem to change every second, but I don't think you can just start hugging, kissing, and fucking every single person in the world just because you got a couple of pricks in the arm. If that's the case, I may have to have a talk with my wife since I have a vaccine card with two timestamps (not bragging, simply stating facts). 

Anyway, it's hard enough to get out of a hug of someone you don't want to hug. But when he's the head of the company you are about to work for that notoriously loves fining and suspending guys who work for him, that makes it extra dicey. But having a medical out from having to warmly embrace him is a clear W in my mind for anybody in the 2021 NFL Draft Class.