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Terrence Clarke And The Fragility Of Life

19. 19-years old. Out of Dorchester. Signed with Klutch yesterday. Months away from being a first round pick, probably a lottery pick. It's not fair. Terrence Clarke had the entire city behind him. I've only ever heard his name spoken with pride attached to it, from people who knew him personally to perfect strangers who just so happened to share the same area code. Boston is small, it felt like a cousin was going to the League. 

I don't want to focus on what could have been. It's too sad, too fresh, and most importantly it misses the point. Terrence Clarke isn't a question mark. Terrence Clarke is a champion. He made it. He made it out of Dorchester, to Brewster Academy, to Kentucky. The best player of the 21st century signed him to his agency, LeBron James quite literally bet money on his future success. Long before that, he had been tapped by Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum as next up. Brad Stevens said his son looks up to Terrence.

It's hard to put into words how unfair this feels. I understand the reaction to talk about a future that will remain unfulfilled, but I can't. It hurts, and it also feels like it undercuts all he was able to accomplish in such a short time. When you're from Boston, Kentucky IS the League. Terrence Clarke did that, with an entire city on his back. He spoke routinely about how much pride he took in putting Boston basketball in the national spotlight, to let the rest of the country know there are real hoopers up here, too. Now, no one will ever forget. Boston will always be proud of him. Always. 

Rest in peace, Terrence Clarke. September 6, 2001-April 22, 2021.