James van Riemsdyk Really Knows How To Make The Most Out Of A Facial

Here's the thing. I already wrote about Joel Embiid and his rim jobs earlier in the day. 

So I'm not gonna not write about JvR taking one off the face and into the back of the net. Just how we drew it up. James van Riemsdyk is having quite the renaissance year this season. That's 15 tucks for him on the year after plenty of people thought he was completely washed just a year ago. Imagine being Ron Francis right now and seeing a guy like James van Riemsdyk available in the expansion draft. Clearly he's willing to do whatever it takes to help his team, even if that means getting rocked in the face with a shot in order to stuff one in the back of the net. I mean I literally think it would be impossible to not draft JvR after watching that clip. So congratulations to future Seattle Kraken legend James van Riemsdyk on the greasiest goal of his career.