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Canucks Fans Fly #FireBenning Airplane Banner The Day After Sweeping Toronto

Of the 31 NHL fan bases, I don't think there is one quite like the Vancouver Canucks. Interactions with (some of) them on Twitter will conjure up all kinds of adjectives. Angry. Scarred. Bitter. Overemotional. Delusional. For 50+ years, the Canucks have toiled in the NHL and have but three Stanley Cup Final losses and two riots to show for it. As they say, you just hate to see it.

Now I know this doesn't describe all of them. #NotAllCanucksFans and all that. We all have idiots in our respective fan bases (like moron Bruins fans that want to "tRaDe tUukKa!"). But it's still the only crew whose bizarre overreaction on Twitter nearly derailed one of our favorite guests on Chiclets. And now this.

After going three weeks without playing due to COVID, the Canucks had a rousing 3-2 OT win over Toronto on Sunday. They followed that up with a 6-3 beating on Tuesday to sweep the Maple Leafs. Suddenly, thoughts of the playoffs didn't seem so far-fetched for a team that had underachieved prior to its shutdown. So what better way to get the locals fired up then with an airplane banner exhorting the team to fire its embattled GM Jim Benning. 

Fair enough. 

I wonder how it was funded.

But it wasn't all negative.

Unless, of course, you work for or own the team.

It's the Chicago Vancouver Way. But like I mentioned above, this aerial stunt was not representative of the entire fanbase; some of them are just catching some ricochet shots.

But this one takes the cake:

The 30 other NHL fan bases:

Giphy Images.

Vancouver Canucks fans are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Kudos to Uncle Laleet for keeping the fundraiser open.

All jokes aside I'd love to see them catch Montreal for the 4th seed.