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Who's To Say The Eagles Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors To Evaluate NFL Draft Talent Isn't Next Level, Brilliant Analytics?

Other than reality - Nobody! That's what these Philadelphia Eagles are dealing with right here, right now heading into the NFL Draft. A yearly event, mind you, this franchise has recently never failed to be the laughing stock of the league! Literally! Just look at the Vikings last draft when the Eagles passed on Justin Jefferson in favor of Jalen Reagor: 

So why not make it seem like the entire process is a joke BEFORE you can even screw up the draft picks? That's Eagles football, baby! Not to mention the entire administration from Owner Jeffrey Lurie to GM Howie Roseman being outed by well respected journalists for obstructing/ignoring their scouts in the past only to PRANCE OUT THE HEAD SCOUT AND BLOW HIM/THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT FOR 15 FULL MINUTES!!! Talk about taking another Golden Shower on the faces of the fans and telling everyone it's drizzling. 

Rone and I go into it and then some (as well as the Phillies, all-time Sixers starting line up, and a LOT of Delco talk - hello Mare From Easttown) in this week's First Time, Long Time - Barstool's unsanctioned, totally not approved Philly podcast. 

We'll hang up and listen.