The Cubs Aren't Back (Because They Never Left)

People might think I'm writing this blog prematurely but as I literally type this sentence, Javy Baez steps into the box to hit lefthanded. That's how big of a beating it is tonight. The guy striking out 50% of all plate appearances is confident enough to hit from the other side of the plate because the Cubs are up 10. And he's already got a grand slam to his name tonight from the right side. 

In reality, Javy probably doesn't want to fuck with his timing against a position player on the mound. As boring as it is, that's not too fucking shabby of a reason. I can support this type of Tom Foolery if it comes with nearly 20 runs on any given night. That's a trade off I'm willing to make as the Cubs comfortably extend tonight's lead to 16-4. 

I'm not really joking when I say the worst part of the Cubs season is over. Nearly every starting pitcher has an ERA over 5 while the offense has been putrid and even so they're 8-9 and surging. I would imagine a routine club would be closer to 4-13 under similar circumstances but in this case the Cubs have figured out 8 wins. That's amazing. Goddamn shame we're seeing deGrom tomorrow but we'll cross that bridge then. 

For now it's pretty impressive how quickly good baseball can make you forget about the shit. It's like hitting a great drive on 18 after playing like an asshole all day. You don't remember the triples on 3, 6, 8, 11, 14 and 16. You remember that beautiful, slightly faded 247 yard callaway splash down broadway. That's what you're taking away and that's how I feel right now as a Cubs fan. Sure we might have gotten carried away with the cart girl but we're still standing after 18. We survived the round and now we're on to the next game. 

This is how we build a winning streak. They've happened before

PS  - 

Literal chills.