Trae Young Is Now The Latest Star Player That Had To Be Carried Off The Floor After Getting Hurt

Fuuuuuuuckkkk man. Not Trae Young now too. First, it was Jamal Murray, then Donovan Mitchell, and now Trae. Big time stars getting hurt with the playoffs right around the corner. Guys that are right in the middle of important playoff seeding races. Looks like he had an unfortunate landing on someone's foot. That's just some shit luck, nothing you can really do about that. You really hope it's not a high ankle sprain or certainly anything worse. Never like seeing a guy not wanting to put any weight on it coming off the court and just like with the others we all wait for the MRI. Here's to hoping it's clean.

It goes without saying what a massive blow this would be to the red hot Hawks. You may not have noticed, but they are 9-2 over their last 11 and currently lead the Knicks in a big time 4/5 matchup as we speak. They've been playing some great basketball since Nate McMillan took over and have been even better with Bogdanovic back in the lineup. Trae's been great offensively as always and had 20/14 tonight before getting hurt with an entire quarter to play. He's a huge reason why they are so hard to guard offensively. The work he can do in the P&R, his ability to draw fouls, his unlimited range, it's sucks. All I want is for all these teams to be fully healthy as we head down the home stretch. I want the playoffs to be as healthy as possible with this really being a wide open season.

Every night though it feels like we're seeing a star player go down. It fucking sucks. No chance any team is going to take the slightest risk on a guy the rest of the way. Why would you? Seeding is important, but it's not that important. It's certainly not more important than your stars being healthy. But sometimes you have shit like this. You land on a foot and your ankle twists. It's basketball, happens all the time, and it sucks each and every time. This is like what happened with Hayward recently. Nothing you can do to prevent it, just some shit luck.