Lamar Jackson Is Out Here Shooting Jumpers And Shaking Defenders In An Arizona Dick's Sporting Goods

There goes my QB!!! Knocking down J's and making his defenders look like mannequins!!!

Lamar Jackson is like a drug. You get high as hell on it on Sundays and then the season ends and there's just none to go around. So when you go 3 months without a taste, you'll take anything you can get. So yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of Lamar Jackson making clothing racks look like.... clothing racks.

Lamar and the boys are out in Arizona getting some work in. Why Arizona? Beats the hell out of me but it seems like all the boys are there. Lamar, Hollywood Brown, Mark Andrews, JK Dobbins... hell even the new fella Sammy Watkins made the trip.

The fellas are out there putting in work and they're having fun while they're at it too. Ya love to see it.