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Billy Joel The Seal Is The World's Greatest Living Creature

I take back even calling it a creature. That's not a creature. Billy Joel the Seal is a beautiful & kind marine mammal the good lord has ever graced us with. I think I love that little fella more than I love my whole family. Combined. I mean this guy's gotta be up there with the Loch Ness Monster, Mighty Joe Young, and King Kong for the world's greatest animals. Never have I wanted to pet a pup more than Billy Joel the Seal, but that would just be depriving him from his new life as King of the Ocean. 

Now you may ask why a little tiny seal is now King of the Ocean? The answer is, quite frankly, any swimming through the waters off the Long Island coast that's named Billy Joel is automatically the king. Tough day to be sharks or whales named say Bruce Springsteen or Elton John...I'll tell you that much. 

This will quite literally be a live look at the Atlantic Ocean from now on....except it'll be Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.