Let's Check In On The New York City Subway System

The sun is shining, the Knicks are good again, and motherfuckers are getting dragged on the subway floor like they are the McCallister's luggage as they arrive late to the airport for yet ANOTHER flight. Don't look now, but I think New York is starting to get its swagger back.

Seeing that sorry son of a bitch get dragged was a legitimate LOL moment. But the funniest thing is I don't think there is anything that could've been done to him that would've gotten anybody out of that train to help him. Willfully blocking the doors of the subway train instantly you are the most hated person in the general vicinity. More than the sleeping homeless dude stinking up an entire car, more than the panhandler telling the same fake story to get some change out of you, more than the two rats fucking in the tracks that causes you to wonder just why the hell you are wasting precious moments of your only life in this smelly city. If you do that, you deserve to be dragged along the subway floor along with any of the bevy of diseases you can pick up from it.