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RNR Main Eventer Swoggle Responds To Seth Rollins - "I Thought I Was Friends With That Son Of A Bitch! He Turned His Back On Me!"

Yesterday I sat down with one half of the Rough N Rowdy 14 main event, Dylan Postl (AKA Swoggle/FKA Hornswoggle) to discuss the upcoming matchup he's got against Jeremy Smith this Friday, how his friends/family reacted to him taking the bout (having never been punched in the face before), and we even got into some wrestling stuff too - like his reaction to finding out he was going to become Vince McMahon's "son" for a bit in kayfabe, what he would do to keep busy under the ring for all those hours back in the day, and more!

Oh, and I had an ALL TIME bad freudian slip during this interview as well....