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Congratulations to YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki On Winning The Freedom of Expression Award, Sponsored By YouTube

**Check out that like to dislike ratio

For context: that is Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube. She is receiving the 2021 Free Expression Award, and if you take a quick peek up at the top righthand corner of the screen, you'll see that this award was brought to you by the signature sponsor, YouTube.

"Here to present the award on behalf of my company will be me, and here to accept the award on behalf of my company will also be me"

I read the comments and everyone is all up in arms about YouTube and censorship and what not, but I don't care about any of that. You can't help but respect having your own award show and then giving yourself the top award. Basically say that they have evaluated all candidates and concluded that they are in fact the best. The next step would be for the award-winning CEO to give herself a much deserved raise.

This is such a Dwight Schrute move. Better yet, this might be a Dave Portnoy move. "And the Barstool Sports Dunkin Go2 Award for Most Philanthropic Pizza Reviewer and $PENN Shareholder goes to………..wow, would you look at that, Dave Portnoy!"

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This also reminds me of the classic "internal investigation." College football teams commit egregious recruiting violations and then decide to look into the matter themselves. No need for the NCAA to get involved, we'll handle it! And not even just sports, any company that does an internal investigation makes me laugh. After further review, we have concluded that we in fact did not commit any wrong doing, and in the case of YouTube, they will be giving themselves an award for all the good they've done.

How did no one at YouTube, including the CEO herself not see how stupid of an idea it was to allow her to win this award? Then again, looking at her face as she won the award, maybe she did….