Of Course Philly Fans Are Chanting "Fire Howie" In The Middle Of A Phillies Game

Death, taxes, and Philadelphia fans expressing their rightful, uninhibited opinion. Would we want it any other way? Hell no. If the Philly fanbase thinks the Eagles GM should be fired, we're going to let people know. It doesn't matter the setting. Major League Baseball Games, Little League Baseball Games, school functions, baptisms, funerals - Nothing is off limits. Shit, you can't even get legally married in Delco without stating "Go Birds" at some point during the ceremony. Of course people are going to start a Fire Howie chant while waiting in the only alcohol checkout line at the Acme. It's what makes the world go round in the Delaware Valley. 

If Kevin Durant can't escape the wrath of Philly fans when he's not even playing, neither can Howie. 

Philly fans giveth, but they also taketh (or giveth again?), as well. A good trick for doing Stand Up in the Philly area is if you feel like you're bombing or the people don't like you, just do a good ol' fashioned "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!" chant. It's like what Proximo said in Gladiator: "Win the crowd, win your freedom". Become one with the degenerates and it's all gravy from there. Remember - No one likes us, we don't care. 

PS - Do it. Responsibly. 

PSS - Follow Rone and myself on Barstool's unsanctioned Philly podcast: First Time, Long Time for more Brotherly Love. We'll hang up and listen.