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I Think I May Have Lost This Weeks Draft Despite Having One Of The Best Overall Picks

On the last episode of LCB, we talked new (mostly about the Super League and how we could apply it to college football), review the Netflix movie SYNCHRONIC, and did a draft of movie theater things. The rules were simple, 4 good things, one bad. My personal #1 overall was FRESH movie theater popcorn. I'm talking when they scoop it right out of the machine. Not the shit sitting in the glass display case. THE GOOD STUFF. Jeff unfortunately grabbed it ahead of me, so I had to make do with what I had. 

That said, I'm more than happy with my 1B in Noovie with Maria Menounos. Every time that queen shows up on screen, I know that I am, IN FACT, about to see a movie. It's a warm, comforting feeling (not horny, look to WSD for that content) that makes the movie experience that much better. Plus, the AMC popcorn guy was a total steal. 

That all said, I think 2 drafts did better than me. Listen in to see our reasoning.