The Yerminator Was Casually Humming 87-88 Today

And guess what?

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Literally do not care. Most big leaguers could rip mid 80s no prob, with a decent amount of them being able to rip 88. You know what I care about? Abreu figuring out how to hit again. LaRussa figuring out that Leury Garcia doesn't need to see more than a handful of plate appearances a week at most. Moncada learning he's only like 25 years old and doesn't a breather because he played 14 innings the day before. That's what I care about. 

Gross game, but that kinda shit happens. Gio will bounce back, everyone knows that, and no, there is absolutely nothing wrong with his arm. He's fine. The Red Sox had an immaculate approach to counter him and his changeup first approach to attacking hitters today, and now he'll need to punch back on Friday or Saturday.

Take 2 from Cleveland and all is good. Don't forget they started 11-11 last year before ratting off a 22 and 5 stretch in their next 27 games. This team has that ability. Weird start so far though.