Woj Calling Zion To The Knicks "Something To Watch" Is A Little Fucked Up For Everyone Involved

Listen, it's one thing for Clem to start losing his shit over the comments Zion made yesterday. That's the fun of being a fan and there's no denying this has been a very exciting Knicks season and you combine that with Zion glowing up like that talking about the Knicks and MSG, who can blame him.

But it's another thing for Woj to do what he just did on national television this morning. It's almost like if you work for ESPN you have to do shit like this. Remember when Stephen A recently did this shit with Dame about a month ago?

Then everyone complains when these star players leave their small market teams and join a big market super team. It's all very confusing. With Zion though, I feel for Pelicans fans. They just went through this shit with Anthony Davis. Now, in just Year 2 of a guy who is dominating the entire league and looks to be every bit the franchise savior they hoped he would be, we have Woj going on ESPN saying shit like that. Instead of the conversation being about what Zion has been doing as this new point forward and how that's helped the Pelicans, the conversation is instead about him leaving.

Let's just think about this logically. Zion is in Year 2. He's 2 years away from the end of his current deal, and we can all agree he's getting a max rookie extension. That's another 5 years. So for the sake of making an argument, let's say he pulls an AD and demands a trade with 2 years left on that extension. That's at least 5 years from now. Do you know how long that is in the NBA world? Think of how much has changed since the 2016 season. For all we know, Julius Randle might not be on the roster anymore after his upcoming extension, and he'll be like 31 years old by that time.

I don't think this is an accident either. I would imagine ESPN wants Zion in New York over New Orleans. May as well do what they can to start that narrative as early as possible.

It's also a little mean to do this to Knicks fans in my opinion. Lord knows they've gotten their hopes up before with shit like this, only for it to never happen. It feels wrong to put this in their head right as they are starting to get pretty good. Every fanbase in the league would obviously be over the moon to one day sign Zion, but this feels more like playing with a fanbase's emotions while they are riding high. That's messed up.

What stuff like this does is speak to a larger problem when it comes to the NBA media on TV nowadays. You have guys like Shaq who go on TV and basically say everyone sucks and the product sucks, and then you flip to ESPN and see their biggest names repeatedly talking about getting stars out of small markets and into big markets. You have big names going on podcasts and doing everything they can to say that the MVP is actually LeBron and not Jokic for some reason. 

Why not just appreciate what is actually happening? Who knows, in 5 years maybe the Pelicans figure shit out and are competing in the West. There's just so much that can happen between now and when Zion might potentially want out that it feels a little reckless to already be doing this shit.