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Fashion Blog: January Jones' Pants Are $775 And Don't Even Come With A Matching Top


Page 6 - January Jones’ pink pants literally can’t be topped.

The 43-year-old actress shared a topless Instagram photo on Friday, writing with a shrugging emoji, “Can’t find a top to do these trousers justice so….”

She wore her heart on her pants, sporting Rodarte’s pink high-waisted flare pants ($775) with a lace heart embellishment on the hip.


Welcome back to the fashion blog, one of the many projects I work on over here at Barstoolsports HQ. Myself and my esteemed staff of 15 scour the internet day in and day out, looking for the next fashion blog. We are much like the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe, we can spend months between projects until we find the perfect one. You know our previous stories including polka dots being in



Polka dots being STILL IN



And of course, polka dots being STILL BACK!



Also, sweaters.




So, you get it. We treat fashion very importantly around here. Yeah, maybe we went a little overboard on the polka dots, but when you have the inside scoop on such a high-profile story, you have to give the reader the latest updates or what even are we doing here? Journalism has never been more important, especially when it comes to polka dots.

So the question is, will January find her matching top? What about this jacket?



More updates as we see fit, here over on the fashion blog.