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The First Trailer For Marvel's 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' Looks Badass As All Hell

When Shang-Chi is drawn into the clandestine Ten Rings organization, he is forced to confront the past he thought he left behind

One of the things we knew going into this movie was that it is going to be completely different from most anything we've seen in the MCU so far, and this trailer delivers on that. The story looks almost entirely disconnected from the mainline story that was wrapped up in endgame, so we have a whole new world we are going to explore with brand new characters and some badass martial arts. let's take a look at some of the cast.

Simu Liu is someone I'm familiar with from Kim's Convenience, which is a fantastic show by the way, and he has some great comedic and dramatic chops. Awkwafina has grown on me a ton over the last few years, especially in out-of-type roles like 'The Farewell'. Tony Leung is a fucking legend in Hong Kong entertainment, and Michelle Yeoh is someone you are probably all familiar with since she is the most successful hollywood actor out of this group. Florian Muntenau was also fucking AWESOME in 'Creed II' as Viktor Drago. 

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pumped to see something out of the connective tissue of Marvel.