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Wake Up With Braden Holtby's Insane Save Last Night

The Canucks hadn't played a game since March 24 before COVID wreaked havoc on the players and their schedule. The Maple Leafs were the biggest regular season money line favorite in ages.

Nobody gave Vancouver much of chance. But thanks to that sick windmill/helicopter/wagon wheel/bicycle kick save from Braden Holtby (and an inconclusive replay), the Canucks upset the Leafs with a inspiring 3-2 win in OT. Just look how jacked up these guys were...

And with good reason...they're not out of it and there's no telling just how galvanizing this game might have been. The Canadiens are 10 points ahead but the Canucks have four games in hand. Given the Habs play of late and their schedule ahead, I wouldn't rule anything out.