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People Think The Jake Paul Fight Was Fixed Because Ben Askren Used To Eat Punches For Breakfast In UFC





Look, I'm no fighting expert. Just a common man with a common brain so any time there is a conspiracy theory going around, I get intrigued. I love a good conspiracy theory. Moon landing? As if. So sign me up for the "Ben Askren threw the fight" bandwagon. I can get down with that. It all makes sense:

- Jake Paul needed to beat a "fighter" to continue to raise his credibility

- Ben Askren is a former MMA champion

- Askren secures his paycheck, Jake Paul secures his credibility and even more people now want to see him fight "a real boxer"

- Jake now has more time to train to fight an actual boxer 

- Askren smiles and is just glad he was part of the ride



Honestly, the correct take is I don't think it even matters if he "threw" it because he wasn't going to win anyway. Jake Paul was the better boxer. Askren was out of shape and ill-prepared, while Jake's full time job is training to fight. 

The internet certainly thinks it was fixed though:





I mean is this a guy who actually cares he was knocked out? Doubt it.



KFC nailed this- the fact people are clamoring for Jake Paul to now fight a real boxer means he is legitimized. He has played this PERFECTLY since day 1. Huge, huge paydays and the legitimacy he was after. 



Well played, Jake Paul. Well played.