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University Of Miami Slugger Alex Toral Absolutely Crushes This Ball And Sends It ON TOP OF A PARKING GARAGE

Hollllllly shit. There's smoking a ball for a home run, and then there is hitting a ball so far you demolish it on top of the parking garage that overlooks the Mark Light field. This ball was absolutely crushed, murdered, obliterated, sent into Bolivian, anything you can say to describe a home run applies here. Just listen to the announcers, they both pause for a second because they don't believe in what they are seeing. Alex Toral has some grown man strength. According to the University of Miami spokesperson this has never been done. They've had some decent ballplayers in that program too, but no one has ever parked one on top of the parking garage. I mean that's a bomb, a literal bomb. If you have the fans on top of the parking garage turning and looking for it, you know you connected. Just watch that baby fly, that is some raw power. Third floor of the parking garage power. Maybe they need to put some nets up there to protect the rest of the vehicles up there, never thought you'd have to worry about losing a window parked all the way up there.