Dwyane Wade Is Now A Part Owner Of....The Utah Jazz?!?!

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

Man, being rich as fuck seems so cool. It sure sounds like Wade will actually be involved in helping the Jazz which is pretty cool and something that should only be beneficial moving forward. This doesn't feel like a Shaq owning a part of the Kings situation where he doesn't even know the players he's paying on the roster. I'll admit, it was a little surprising to see this tweet on my timeline because like many people I figured if Wade was ever going to own a team or be a part owner, it would be ya know…with the Miami Heat


I'd love to know the backstory of that whole thing. Did he go back to the Heat now that he was ready and they weren't interested? That doesn't sound like it could be an option. Wade IS the Miami Heat.

In my opinion, stuff like this can only help. It's why I'll never understand the Wolves not being sold to a group that involved Kevin Garnett. Getting some legends of the game into ownership groups is a win/win for everybody. You don't think players and potential free agents are going to listen to Wade and maybe consider Utah as a destination a little more now than they did before? It can't hurt. This would also make me very excited as a Jazz fan that someone like Donovan Mitchell is going to have Wade around and involved. That's a pretty perfect player for Mitchell to learn from.

It's probably a little hard for Heat fans to stomach, and hey who knows, maybe this is all an undercover ploy to get Donovan Mitchell to Miami one day. I don't know why Wade would waste all that money just for Pat Riley to miss out on another big name free agent, but who am I to tell him how to spend his money.

I'm all for former players coming back and having roles within today's NBA whether it's coaching/ownership/whatever. That's especially true when you are one of the best players to ever play your position. With how insane NBA contracts are getting these days, my guess is we're going to see more and more of this moving forward, and that's pretty cool.