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Steph Curry Broke Out A Special Celebration In The 2nd Half Last Night Because He Checks Twitter At Halftime And Saw The Request

So here's the the tweet that got it all started. Why she wanted him to do an airplane celebration in this exact moment? No clue. But it was a request. And you know what? Steph is a showman. He knew he had to deliver. So checking in on the second half: 

I know what you're thinking. Hey, how did he know about that? Someone had to tell him right? Nope. Steph loves to check Twitter at halftimes of games. He uses it for motivation. If you become the best shooter to arguably ever play in the NBA, I'm not going to argue with you. I'd love to have Steph's accolades. 

I actually love his little smirk here explaining it: 

I know it's easy to clown checking Twitter, but I don't blame him. I hate the idea of missing out on a key moment, even if I'm playing basketball. Gotta get a couple of quick check ins during halftime. Honestly, I need him to one up it and start tweeting at halftime. I might just have to start sending Steph random requests to see if he does it.