Truman Show (FULL MOVIE)

I don't know about your part of the country but it's very shitty in Chicago right now. Mid 30's with a little snow and possibly more precipitation in the future. Gray clouds and breezy. The kind of day you just want to stay inside one more time before hot dick summer gets underway. And when it comes to staying inside on cold days, there may be no more appropriate actor than Canadian Jim Carrey. 

Is that a reach? Maybe. But I'm a hardline sucker for nostalgia and there's few things more nostalgic than staying indoors due to inclement weather and binging a movie I once owned on VHS. Although to be fair nobody did VHS cassettes better than Disney. If we really want to get into the 90's let's talk about the plastic lined covers and outrageous price points. $49.95 for Cinderella is highway robbery. That's $120 in today's dollars which is basically how much your parents pay per year for your NETFLIX login. And you think this world sucks? 

Wake up folks. You're about to watch Truman Show for free. Hard to beat that kind of advance in modern day technology. 

But since I mentioned VHS tapes here are my top 5 from childhood:

5. Celtic Pride

4. Indian & The Cupboard

3. Hercules

2. D2

1. Sandlot

Enjoy the show.