Shout Out To The Penguins Equipment Guy Who Got An Assist On Crosby's Goal Against Philly

I loved everything about this. That's a team right there. Tip this trainer out BIG time. Those guys always impact the game, but do it without any real recognition. He won't be on the score sheet but if you watch the tiktok camera angle from the bench it warms your heart a bit because the boys know. The boys appreciate him. The way they mobbed him when everyone seemingly realized what happened at the same time was so pure. So hockey. Everyone in the team matters. Including the support staff. This guy was Johnny on the spot. Locked into the game. Seamless hand off and an official assist that ended up being the difference because the Penguins ONLY scored that one goal in regulation and went on to get a point from the shoot out. 

I am mentally ready for the playoffs. I want to put the frustration of the Blackhawks behind me and just enjoy the game for things like this. Almost there. Right around the corner. Soon we won't be sleeping at all and we'll have minimum four screens going at a time and we'll love every second of it.