Absolute MUST-Win For The Blackhawks Tonight. Season On The Line And There's No Way Patrick Kane Let's Them Lose

This is it. 5 game stretch to save the season. Detroit tonight, Detroit on Saturday, then three straight against Nashville. Take 8 out of 10 points and you're right there for a playoff push down the stretch. You take 4 or even 6 points and we are all praying to the lottery Gods again. Yes, I did declare them dead last week during the 1st period of a game against CBJ that they eventually won. I stand by that statement at this time, but I am a GIANT sucker and I would absolutely love to be wrong about this and everything else. I've been let down many times in my life, but one guy that always comes through for me is Patrick fucking Kane. Tonight won't be any different. Detroit sucks. They know they suck. They've been dead for months. The Hawks need to treat them like an ant on their clim to the mount and just fucking squash them. Right from the jump. Kane has an A on his chest, but he's a four star general in his heart. He is going to deliver tonight. I can feel it in my plums. This is my favorite bet in a long time because I just believe in this guy in this moment. 

If the Hawks win it means because Kane was on the scoresheet and there's no way he's not on the scoresheet and if he's on the scoresheet then they'll win. It's an infinite loop of proofs. That sentence didn't make any sense, but it also did at the same time. Kane will score because he's a gangster, end of story. 

It's been a trying 6 weeks or so with the Blackhawks. They've got one more push in them. Sure, they sold at the deadline, but they didn't make themselves THAT much worse in the short term because they added three forwards who can help them. Connolly, Vinnie, and Gaudette can all score. If they can provide a little secondary offense then the Hawks should win easy tonight. We broke down the entire trade deadline and looked into the future with my favorite local broadcaster, Pat Boyle. Listen to the full ep here