There Is Simply No Way Kevin Durant Will Be Able To Make It Through A 7-Game Series In Philly Without Breaking Into Tears Once

Last night was supposed to be a preview for the potential Eastern Conference Finals matchup between the Sixers and the Nets. Instead, the Nets sat everybody besides Kyrie because they are absolutely terrified of showing the Sixers what they have before the playoffs. The Nets essentially rolled over and let the Sixers pet their belly last night because they didn't want to give away any secrets before the two teams meet again in the playoffs. Playoffs which will be Kevin Durant's first time battling through the Eastern Conference. 

And do you really think that Triple B is going to be able to deal with a raucous Philly crowd in his shit for 4 games when he can't even handle some dude with a weird laugh who accidentally ended up with some credits on his IMDB page? ~*The Durantula*~ wasn't even playing last night and was still catching heat from the Philly faithful. Imagine what it'll be like when the Sixers have home court advantage as the 1-seed because the Nets sat KD last night and he gets bullied mercilessly for 48 straight minutes. 

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Meanwhile, the MVP is out here doing MVP things and putting on for the city. 

So yeah, home court advantage might play a heavy role in that potential series. I just hope everyone has the push notification alerts set up for all of KD's Twitter accounts for the inevitable meltdown.