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Rumors Are Swirling That The Celtics Are Interested In An Isaiah Thomas Reunion

I'm sorry, what was that? Let me read that list of teams again. I see Miami, that makes sense. They're the new Celtics when it comes to any sort of name being on the market. They are in on everyone, land almost no one. You don't get the same press tour killing Pat Riley for coming up short, but that's a different topic for a different blog. I see the Bucks, which I guess makes sense. I mean they did sign Jeff Teague which I can tell you first hand is not a good idea. Somehow he's actually been decent for them (57/37%) in 6 games which I find bullshit but whatever. I keep reading and see….wait. Is that….it can't be…

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I don't know this Evan Massey fella, I have no idea what sources he has, I just know I see him talk about a lot of things that tend to not happen. I just know you do NOT throw Boston in that mix unless it's like 65% real. You do not do that to me and those of us still on the Isaiah bandwagon. That would be extremely fucked up. Part of me feels like this is just an agent getting the narrative out there, but I also do not give a shit. Are you telling me there's a chance that we see an Isaiah reunion? I have to be honest here, I do have some inside info on this. By inside info I mean the time Isaiah tweeted me and told me that it's not happening

(sidenote: It's killing me that I'm still working on my burner @Stool_Greenie. Fucking Twitter. Hurry up already.)

Well that was then and this is now. Here's what I know. He can have Tremont's 10 Day as far as I'm concerned. Sorry Tremont, but that's the truth. I also still firmly believe that this team needs a veteran PG for the playoffs so Payton Pritchard doesn't have to shoulder the load all by himself. He's hit the rookie wall, that shit happens. At the very worst, Isaiah can be a "break the glass in case of emergency" option. I know he's maybe not the same, I know he'll be hunted on defense, I'm also telling you I don't give a fuuuuuuuuuck. We're talking about the 17th man here.

But none of those reasons are truly why I want to see this happen. That's simple. Danny Ainge needs to reverse the curse. There's no denying that since the Isaiah trade, the Celts have been cursed when it comes to the point guard position. Guys can't stay healthy, production is up and down, that shit is not an accident. Kemba Walker never missed a game in his life, he comes to Boston and now his knee is barely holding on? Curse. Kyrie gets traded to Boston and all the sudden has knee issues and misses playoff runs? Curse. 

So if you're telling me that bringing in Isaiah can finally lift this curse from this team right before the playoffs, I cannot imagine being against this. Do it for the vibes alone. Do it for all of us that love this man and what he did in his 2.5 seasons as a Celtic. Some of the most ridiculous offensive performances many of us have ever seen. A proven playoff performer. It makes so much sense I can't stand it.

In reality, I know this probably won't happen. But I haven't given up hope yet and I have no plans of stopping. Now, for the millionth time, hit the highlights!