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Nothing But Respect For NCAA Tournament Darling Tanner Groves Releasing An Edit With All 24 Teams Who Talked To Him About Transferring

I fucking love this move so much. Tanner Groves took the world by storm during Eastern Washington's first round loss in the NCAA Tournament. He was a monster, dropping 35 and 5 against Kansas. 

So he hits the transfer market and is pretty sought after. I just love the move to release every team that has reached out to him so far. 24 teams total. Who needs a final-3 or final 5? Fuck that. Give me all the speculation about who you're talking to. The guy is entertaining as hell, so make the recruitment entertaining. It reminds me of this: 

I love the list for Groves though. Everyone from Arkansas (a top-10 team) to App State. Why not? Make more people reach out to you. Maybe he's holding out for a specific team and this is his way to putting the carrot out there. Good to see he might even just go back to Eastern Washington. Actually, that's what I'm cheering for now. Put this edit out and just go back to your original school. That would be a power move for sure. 

Mostly I love shit like this because people get all up in arms about it. I love watching people lose their minds with transfers, so add a little fuel on the fire.