Aaron Donald Allegedly Punched A Man's Face Off Of His Face

Right now there are 7,794,798,739 people on the planet. I'd argue Aaron Donald is in that last 39 for people I would not want to strike me in the face. Maybe even last nine if we really want to get into it. 

Aaron Donald is a top 1% athlete living at this moment. He's an "undersized" interior defensive lineman who consistently gets the better of substantially larger human beings with physicality and quickness. He trains with knives, a completely unnecessary tool to keep sharp for his profession. 

Which leaves you to wonder what he's actually training for. 

Donald is faster that you with better conditioning, so good luck getting away from that. Which is one of the many reasons why I would rather fight a grizzly bear than AD. Grizzlies don't have great bend in their hips, they have trouble getting around the edge and getting home to the QB. Grizzly could get distracted easily in ways Donald could not, like a neighboring picnic basket left unattended or a pie cooling on a nearby windowsill.  Don't even get me started on opposable thumbs. 

Thankfully dude is ok. All things considered a broken arm, concussion and facial rearrangement is what happens to the Arizona Cardinals on a given Sunday in the fall. If anything his toughness displayed here has him rising up my draft boards. In the same vein of "you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball," if you can survive a tussle in the pale moonlight with Aaron Donald you at least belong on my practice squad.