Deion Sanders Says Ray Lewis And Ed Reed Are Each Interested In Becoming Head Coaches At HBCU's

Baltimore Sun - Ray Lewis and Eddie George both arrived in the NFL as first-round picks in 1996. They rose to stardom together, their showdowns defining the Ravens’ fierce rivalry with the Tennessee Titans. They later became close friends, bonded by their relationship with the late Steve McNair.

And now Lewis and George have something else in common: They were considered for the same head coaching job. According to Football Scoop, Tennessee State officials discussed their coaching vacancy with Lewis before hiring George, a Nashville resident.

George, like NFL legend and first-year Jackson State coach Deion Sanders, does not have any prior coaching experience. But Sanders told Mississippi’s Clarion-Ledger that “guys like Ray Lewis,” despite their background, “are certainly guys that I truly know are interested in the love, the game and love kids.”

Lewis has previously acknowledged that coaching could be in his future. In 2017, four years into his retirement, he told the Ravens’ team website that he was “thinking about it a little bit.”

Ed Reed, another Pro Football Hall of Famer, couldn’t stay away from the sport for long. In 2016, the former Ravens safety served as an assistant defensive backs coach for the Buffalo Bills. In 2020, Reed joined the University of Miami, his alma mater, to work as the Hurricanes’ chief of staff, an advisory role under coach Manny Diaz.

Well HERE is something that I am all the way here for. Just an all-time GOAT talking about two other GOATs and their desire to pass on their love and passion of the game of football to the generations below them. Deion's already all in. Eddie George just signed up. What the hell are are we waiting on?

The college football landscape is already shifting in a big way across the board. It's imminent. Paying the players and cost models and blah blah blah. When the dust starts to settle all of these programs are going to be scrambling to figure out who they are and what they want to be. Jackson State and Tennessee State are already jumping ahead of the curve and positioning themselves as launching pads for great young athletes. Every single HBCU, nay, collegiate football program should be chomping (champing?) at the bit to sign these two guys up to be the faces of their programs. Who wouldn't want to play for Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. They're literal locker room speech GAWDS. 

These guys should be running a college football program yesterday. They're passionate students of the game with oodles to pass down to those who follow them. The best of the best should want to learn from and play for these guys so the sky is the limit for any program that wants to take them on. No brainer. 

Hire Ray Lewis and/or Ed Reed.