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Aaron Rodgers Got His First Taste Of Jeopardy Nerds Knowing Nothing About Sports After They All Whiffed On A Packers Answer

This. Is. Jeopardy, Aaron. Oh you thought standing behind that podium with all the answers in the form of a question and light applause from a live studio audience was going to be easy? Fuck no. Alex Trebek just made it seem that way with his unlimited charm and charisma. Having to deal with (and zing) Jeopardy contestants that know a little about everything but not nearly enough about normal things like the Green Bay Packers being a championship machine back in the day is an art that Trebek mastered, even though this was a pretty decent reaction for the rookie.

The funny thing is even after they were laughing about the Packers being the answer, there is no way a group of Jeopardy contestants named Dennis, Norah, and Erick with a K  knew that the reason they were laughing is because the host happens to work for the Packers as his day job. Mayyyyybe an Eric with a C would know. But those brainiacs were at best politely laughing at a joke they didn't understand and at worst laughing at the Green Bay Packers being an actual team name that I imagine they thought ceased to exist 50 years ago.

Also for what it's worth, I don't think anybody can complain with Rodgers' hosting as he's been pretty damn awesome so far. Ken Jennings was perfectly fine, Katie Couric was not, and Dr. Oz stunk. I feel like once is all said and done, LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow will somehow end up on the stage. And even if he doesn't, we can still listen to this absolute banger of a theme song that is as pure as Alex Trebek's soul.