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Anthony Edwards Had Never Heard Of Alex Rodriguez In His Entire Life

Anthony Edwards is extremely cool. Funny when he isn't even trying to be funny. I don't know why but the idea of him never even sorta hearing about A-Rod makes it seem like he's from another planet. Edwards was born in August of 2001, which is a terrifying thought in and of itself. But he absolutely is old enough to remember SportsCenter before ESPN died a tragic death. Alex Rodriguez was so much bigger than baseball it's borderline impossible for me to accept that an alive human being over the age of 10 never once heard of A-Rod. Does Anthony Edwards not know who Jennifer Lopez is? How long is the list of A+ celebrities that AntMan has never crossed paths with, not even by accident? "Michael Jordan? Oh, you mean the Haynes guy? Yeah. What about him?" 

This is all Timberwolves beat writers should be focusing on for the rest of the season. The Wolves stink, they're going to keep stinking. Edwards will keep being really good, maybe Jaden McDaniels is deserving of a feature or two the rest of the way. But if there aren't several Minnesota beat writers dedicated to holding up pictures of extremely known human beings via Zoom and asking Edwards to identify them then the entire system has failed.